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Las Vegas - Nevada

Las Vegas is the largest city in the state of Nevada, in the United States. It is one of the main tourist destinations thanks to its commercial and leisure areas, but especially thanks to its casinos.

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Because it is known as The Capital of the World Entertainment, The Capital of Second Chances or Sin City due to the popularity of the game and legalized gambling, availability of alcoholic beverages at any time of day, legality of prostitution in neighboring counties (Nevada law prohibits prostitution in counties of more than 400,000 inhabitants).

Local government and tourism promoters city used the phrase "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas". The glamorous image of the city has made it the scene of several films and television series, as well as the Miss Universe 1991, Miss Universe 1996, Miss Universe 2010 and Miss Universe 2012.

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Whether you're a big inveterate gambler or just a tourist, Las Vegas will always have something to suit your holiday. With top chefs and lavish buffets, try your luck at one of the largest casinos in the world or participate in a spectacular show.

A simple walk around the area is enough to make your heart vibrate. In addition you can enjoy marine life reef sharks Mandalay Bay, climb the Grand Canyon or visit the Neon Museum, where old signs acquire new life.

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Among the main buildings of Las Vegas we can find the city center, consisting of casinos of all types and the periphery, a mass of houses that stretches across the barren desert.

The casinos are very often connected together by monorail or underground passages with air conditioning stifling temperatures that repels city. The show, exhibitions, art galleries and museums generate as much revenue as casinos. Theming makes them unique to each hotel, some with five diamond category.

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Las Vegas has a desert climate with very little rain and extremely hot in summer. Temperatures of 40 ° C are common between the months of May to September. No wonder that for several days a year these temperatures exceed 45 degrees C. The city dwellers prefer to use tunnels, passages, or monorail cars in order to avoid high temperatures. It is also common to find fans that shoot jets of wind and water on the street. Winters are cold and windy. violent and short downpours, but less frequently in the spring and fall can result. From July to September, the Mexican Monsoon often brings enough moisture from the Gulf of Mexico causing thunderstorms during the afternoon. Although the mountains surrounding the city may be snow from November to March, it is uncommon for this to happen in urban areas.

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