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South America Top Destinations

Colombia Top Destinations - Best Places you most visit in Colombia - guiaviajesvirtual.com

Colombia Top Destinations - Best Places you must visit in Colombia

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Colombia Vacation and Travel Guide


Colombia, officially the Republic of Colombia, is located in the northwestern region of South America. It consists in a social and democratic state of law which form of government is presidential.

Colombia is made up of 32 departments and the Capital District. The departments are divided into municipalities, provinces are also a group of municipalities with some common geographical or historical features are distinguished, these sets have only a symbolic meaning because there is not any kind of political element to represent them. The capital of the republic is Bogotá.

The Tourism in Colombia is regulated within the functions of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism of the government of Colombia, sometimes with the associate. In implementing policies of the Ministries of Culture and Finance to promote the country's economy and the generation of employment for Colombian society.

The government also designated the tourist districts of Cartagena de Indias and Santa Marta within the country's territorial order and special attention to the Archipelago Department of San Andrés and Providencia along with the natural national parks of Colombia and the Indigenous Territories. Colombia is the only South American nation that has coasts in the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic, in which it has several islands such as the Archipelago of San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina.

Top Destinations of the Caribbean Region of Colombia

Hotels in San Andres, Providencia and Santa Catalina

San Andres and Providencia Main Tourism Attractions

Costa Providencia Island, Archipelago of San Andres and Providencia, Colombia.

Archipelago in the Colombian Caribbean. free port and one of the main tourist destinations.

A 700 km from the Colombian mainland, surrounded by warm, clear waters, is the archipelago of San Andres and Providencia; Islands legends of pirates and buccaneers, offering visitors excellent services and attractions that are enjoyed to the sound of the rhythms of the Caribbean.

In San Andres are extensive beaches of white sand bordered by a sea of ​​seven colors, where many water sports are practiced; its attractions can be discovered guided by friendly, cheerful and spontaneous islanders. Providencia is ideal for those who want to get lost in an isolated island, where nature is the protagonist; its green mountains and great coral reef 20 km makes it one of the most alluring destinations in Colombia.

Santa Marta Colombia San Andres and Providencia Colombia

Santa Marta Main Tourism Attractions

Hotels in Santa Marta

Santa Marta was the first city founded in Colombia, is a Cultural and Historical Tourism District. This beautiful city has various beaches, among which stands out El Rodadero.

You can also visit the Quinta de San Pedro Alejandrino, where Simon Bolivar died, this historic home is considered a sanctuary of the country. Within La Quinta it is also in Altar de la Patria, a national monument to Simon Bolivar and the Bolivarian Museum of Art.

Santa Marta is home to the Museo del Oro, La Casa de la Aduana, where you can see several pieces of jewelry and culture of the Tayrona.

The Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta is the coastal mountain more altitude in the world with a height of over 5000 meters, and which is part of a National Park of the same name. Within the Natural Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta National Park is The Lost City which is a World Heritage Site by Unesco.

There is also the Tayrona National Park, ancient area where Vivian the Tayrona, covered with lush vegetation, and bays where you can see some of the best beaches in the region.

Not far from the city is La Cienaga Grande de Santa Marta, the set of lakes and marshes largest in South America, where there is also the Via Parque Isla de Salamanca.

For all this the city of Santa Marta provides an opportunity to make holiday tourism, ecological or archaeological tourism or sports tourism.

Barranquilla Colombia Barranquilla Colombia

Barranquilla Main Tourism Attractions

Hotels in Barranquilla

Barranquilla, the largest city in the region, is famous for its Carnival is the largest development center in the region and pioneered many of the milestones in the history of Colombia, being the fourth industrial city and population, first in The Caribbean Region.

It has attractions such as Bocas de Ceniza (where the Magdalena River and the Caribbean Sea joins, is beautiful), Zoo (the longest of Colombia) pumarejo bridge, (the largest in Colombia) Metropolitan Stadium, the spring Harbour Colombia (when it opened in 1888 was the second longest in the world), volcano totumo (located 45 minutes from Barranquilla), Amira theater of the Rose, the romantic museum, the hotel del Prado (seventh hotel in Latin America).

Top Destinations of the Pacific Region of Colombia

The Colombian Pacific is one of the most biodiverse regions on the planet. It has high levels of endemism and one of the highest proportions in the world in number of species per cuadradado meter. It is the main land of the Afro-Colombian culture and numerous indigenous communities, including the Embera and Wuanaan counted. Its ecosystems include beaches, marshes, large expanses of tropical rainforest and rivers. The region is home to seven national parks, a sanctuary for wildlife, and two botanical gardens of private initiative.

Every year, between July and November, humpback whales come to Colombia's Pacific coast on their annual migration from the south of the continent, and it is possible sightings. That is why the Colombian Pacific has become one of the most attractive ecotourism destinations in the country.

Main destinations of the Pacific Region of Colombia

  • Bahia Solano, in Choco, where the Los Katíos National Park
  • Nuquí, also in Choco and near the Natural Utría Cove National Park
  • Gorgona Island, in the department of Cauca, which was once a maximum security prison and today is a National Park
  • Malpelo Island, which is a sanctuary for flora and fauna
  • Juanchaco and Ladrilleros, in the department of Valle del Cauca, in the Natural Uramba Malaga Bay National Park

This area may be the most interesting sightings of whales, it is where they breed and give birth to their young. Also offers numerous sites of ecotourism attractions include waterfalls Las Sierpes, Cucheros beaches and La Barra, the swimming pools of Arrastradero and Botanical Garden La Manigua.

Top Destinations of the Andean Region of Colombia

In the Andean region of Colombia have seating major cities (Bogota, Medellin and Cali). This area is known in Colombia as the "Golden Triangle" because the greater political, economic, industrial, commercial, cultural, sports and tourism power is concentrated. Other major cities in the Andean region are Cucuta and Bucaramanga, capital of Norte de Santander and Santander; Bucaramanga also is called the city of parks or Ciudad Bonita, located on a plateau, bases its economy on agriculture and industry. It is a university town having more than 10 colleges. It is mandatory passage of transport that runs between the capital Bogota and the Atlantic coast, is now central to the economy of north-east Colombia.

Coffee Region of Colombia

The Coffee Region of Colombia is one of the areas of the Andean region that has gained strength in tourism. Among its attractions are the National Coffee Park is located in Montenegro Quindio, the Panaca (PANACA) located in Quimbaya Quindio, Nevado del Ruiz in Manizales, Cocora Valley where the wax palm is (the national tree), Los Nevados national Natural Park in Pereira, Book of Eden, the Sanctuary of Fauna and Flora Otún Quimbaya, the beautiful Lake Otún, Matecaña Zoo in Pereira (one of the largest in South America), thermal baths santa Rosa de Cabal, where you can enjoy the hot springs and medicinal mud for the skin, the Technological University of Pereira, one of the most important botanical gardens in Colombia Botanical Garden and the only listed as natural or wild by BGCI, plus one of the world's leading orchid gardens, where you can observe different types of native and endemic plants, as well as a varied selection of birds, coffee farms specially prepared to accommodate travelers, admire large engineering as César Gaviria Trujillo viaduct, which joins Pereira and the neighboring municipality of Dosquebradas, Pereira also find Noah's Ark theme park in the spa Comfamiliar. And at night the night owl and brown City Pereira will find in the area rose hundreds of discos, pubs and clubs. In this region include other cities such as Manizales and Armenia where the Botanical Garden of Quindio.


Belonging to the Andean region ecotourism, its territory includes all climatic zones from the valley of the Magdalena River to a nearby sea level altitude, to the cold Nevado del Cocuy at an altitude of 5330 meters. One of its features is to present some of the most important ecosystems in the high mountain country. Its most important cities are more than 2,500 meters above sea level which influences the traditions and lifestyle of the population.

  • The National Parks Department are:
  • Natural Desert of Pisba National Park
  • Wildlife sanctuary Iguaque
  • Wildlife sanctuary Guanenta Alto Rio Fonce
  • Sierra Nevada del Cocuy

It has an important wilderness (desert Candelaria), tropical swamp area (Swamp Palagua), the largest and highest lake in the country, second in South America: Lake Tota which in turn has the highest islands in the country (San Pedro, Santa Helena, Santo Domingo and Cerro Chico) and the beach (Playa Blanca), one of the highest in the world, a dinosaur theme park Gondava, the major archaeological sites of the country such as El Infiernito, Paleontological Research Center (CIP), the cave site of Sáchica, the Archaeological Museum of Tunja - UPTC among others.

Tunja, the capital, university city, nine museums, ancient town preserving the only home of the founder existing in the country. 14 churches are in the historic center of Tunja considered a national museum in 1959, and the famous Bridge of Boyaca, instead of Colombian independence movement.

Villa de Leyva, city and national monument since 1954, has the largest square in the country (14,000 m2) and hosts events such as Independent Film Festival, the national festival of lights and the national festival of wind and kites.

Paipa, major tourist destination that has the largest hot springs in the country, the banks of Lake Sochagota and a wide range of activities around the lake, and its main monument, the Pantano de Vargas.


Huila is located in the southwestern privileged sector, not only because of its proximity to the other regions of Colombia, but also to be within its territory of the central cordillera, the origin of the Eastern Cordillera of Colombia in the Colombian massif within its territory and the beginning of the valley of the Magdalena river, Colombia's main river which rises in the department of Huila. Its topography, Huila presents all climatic zones, from warm in the desert of Tatacoa to icy cold in the Nevado del Huila volcano.

The Department of Huila has a great water wealth, made first by the Magdalena River and its tributaries, the rivers Yaguará ,, La Plata, San Francisco, Suaza Paez, spars, among others, as well as several lakes including Magdalena lagoon that gives rise to the river of the same name, its topographic relief and diversity of climatic zones have allowed within its territory there is a wealth of flora and fauna, has several natural parks and tourist attractions of great importance for Colombia as they are:

  • Cueva de los Guácharos
  • Puracé National Natural Park
  • Natural Cordillera de Los Picachos National Park
  • Natural Sumapaz National Park
  • Archaeological Park of San Agustin
  • Alto Park Idols
  • Alto de las Piedras Park
  • Desert Tatacoa in Villavieja
  • Nevado del Huila National Park
  • Jumping staves
  • Magdalena Strait
  • Thermal Rivera
  • La Casa De Omar Cabarcas Jaramillo

guiaviajesvirtual.com Hotels in Medellin Colombia

Hotels in Bogotá

Bogotá Main Tourism Attractions

Bogotá, or "South American Athens", is the largest tourist destination in the country December 13 is the political, economic and business capital of Colombia and concentrates most of the economy, is the epicenter of business, politics, industry, tourism and cultural institutions; 14 on the outskirts of the city can also find attractions include the salt Cathedral of Zipaquira salt mine Nemocón, or mysteries, the golden city on the lagoon Guatavita, which were taken multiple samples of pure gold legend gold comes from more than all of Cundinamarca region. The city has several tourist attractions like Monserrate, the hill of Guadalupe, the old part (the La Candelaria) and business center. It has lots of history, and then leave many of its tourist attractions such as museums, churches and the historical center, where the Plaza de Bolivar is. It is a must for doing business in Colombia at a time which is a major destination cities in America.

guiaviajesvirtual.com Hotels in Medellin Colombia

Hotels in Medellin

Medellin Main Tourism Attractions

Medellin, "City of Flowers", "Tacita de Plata" "City of Eternal Spring". It is the second largest city, also known by many as the business and sports capital of the country for its large number of mega and sportsmen, has a pleasant spring weather throughout the year and its metropolitan area, located in a valley surrounded by mountains it is interconnected by a metro system convenient, fast and safe addition metrocable.

The "Capital of the Mountain", founded in 1674, is an important industrial center, it noted for the production and design of textiles, which is considered the center of fashion in the country; It is a vibrant city, with friendly people and rebuscadora who stands in pride for the beauty of its women. The city also offers an active cultural life in its museums, the Zoo Santa Fe, the Pueblito Paisa, the Botanical Gardens, the planetarium, the Explora Park, North Park, theaters and art galleries: the Museum of Antioquia is displayed the Botero collection and works of Francisco Cano, Luis Caballero and Fernando Botero; the Museum of Modern Art, an important center of cultural events, which keeps a good collection, the Casa Museo Pedro Nel Gómez, with 1500 works of the master and the Museum Castle complement the cultural offerings of the city. You can also find parks-libraries, such as The Park Library Santo Sunday Its main festivities "The Festival of the Flowers" in mid-August, one of the most important events in the country; also "Colombia Moda" is performed.

guiaviajesvirtual.com Hotels in Cali Colombia

Hotels in Cali

Cali Main Tourism Attractions

Santiago de Cali, also called the Capital of Salsa, the Sultana del Valle, Branch of Heaven, the sports capital of America. Being the third largest city, Cali enjoys a warm climate cooled by a gentle breeze blowing almost every afternoon from the Farallones de Cali, is always estimated between 20 ° C to 24 ° C in the early morning hours of 28 ° C to 34 ° C in the afternoon, the evening hours are a pleasant climate with an average of 24 ° C to 29 ° C, accompanied by the gentle breeze that accompanies the city, where honor is made to the salsa and other Latin rhythms, Cali is also the headquarters of the Feria de Cali.

It was founded in 1536, making it one of the oldest cities in Colombia and America, the economy of the city is divided into many areas, where they get 3 economic sectors up, Cali generated according to the latest DANE figures from 5.5% of GDP, 15 Cali stands for economic, social, cultural and historical ,, theaters and squares such as the Municipal theater the Caicedo plaza and also has a Pan park and Olympic park.

Cali also organized the 1971 Pan American Games and was elgida to host the 1987 Pan American Games, being the only city in Colombia to organize a Pan American Games, it has also been host to major sporting events worldwide as global karate world Swim, athletics world cups, world cups cycling, judo, gymnastics and many more orbital level events including the world Cup speed skating in 2007 in which Colombia was crowned as champion.

Girardot Main Tourism Attractions

Located on the edge of Cundinamarca and Tolima, Girardot is a major tourist center in the Midwest, the floating population of the municipality Cundinamarca doubles in high season reaching 300,000 inhabitants in its metropolitan area.

Girardot has a very good hotel infrastructure with 4 & 5 star resorts scenarios and agro-turíticos espectaculaes important and spas, one of them is the spectacular modern architecture -of the best of the country of El Penon, spa and residential complex unique in the country, unique in its kind in Latin America, as it has restaurants, ice cream parlors, supermarkets and which is regarded by tourists and owners as the best pizza in the country, pizza 19th hole gourmet, located on a floating surface, this pizzeria it has been recognized by many for its friendly service and the quality and freshness of its products.

Night, happy and festive life of Girardot has turned this region into a major center for exclusive nightclubs

Orinoquía Main Tourism Attractions

Here is where the Colombian and Venezuelan plains, one of the main attractions is the city of Villavicencio, its outskirts are Restrepo which is famous for the loaves of rice, also this Acacias in Puerto Lopez (center of the country) that It contains the country's largest obelisk. Orocue, Casanare town and popular tourist attraction in the region, together with the municipality of Pore (famous for its ruins) also stands out. The city of Yopal is an important commercial and service center in the region. It is noteworthy that the attraction is the Rice Festival held annually in Aguazul (Casanare). Other attractions are the National Park Tuparro in the department of Vichada, the town of Mani Casanare (known as the tourist capital of the department) and the Orinoco river

Amazon Main Tourism Attractions

In the Amazon the most popular tourist site is Leticia, a city located on the banks of the Amazon River and that can be accessed by air. Famous for its location and natural environment, as well as the nearby National Park Amacayacu. Another attraction is the Stone Cocuy in the department of Guainía. It is the beautiful region of Colombia ma !!

Colombia Wonders

Natural Wonders of Colombia - Colombian Geography

Tota Lake, at an altitude of 3015 meters, is the largest body of fresh water in the country. His unusual situation also makes it the second highest suramérica.16 His additional attractions are the islands and Playa Blanca, the highest in the country.

Sabana de Bogotá, at an altitude of 2600 meters, is a fertile high valley, with an average temperature of 14 ° C which provides a mild climate throughout the year, something unique in a country at the torrid tropical zone.

Eastern Antioquia is a region rich in beautiful landscapes, as a postcard. It is a territory where the cold climate prevails and constitutes its economic capacity, standard of living and development indicators, the second most important department, after Aburrá Valley.
Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, is the highest mountain in the world by the sea and not part of a mountain range. Among its most important features is the possession of all climatic zones, from the blazing heat, along the Caribbean Sea to perpetual snow-capped peaks more than 5700 m above sea level.

Valle del Cauca, is one of the richest and most beautiful regions of Colombia that begins in the vicinity of Popayan (southern end) and extends to Cartago (in the north), is surrounded by two Andean mountain ranges, the Western west Central and east. It is a very fertile valley of an average elevation of 1000 meters and has a warm and pleasant climate. Through this wonderful tropical valley passes the Cauca River and its right bank is Santiago de Cali.
Salto del Tequendama: is a natural waterfall formed by the Rio Bogota, falling from a height of 2,467 m above sea level of about 142 m on a rocky abyss of circular shape. The majesty of the landscape has made the leap into a tourist attraction.

  • Sierra Nevada del Cocuy
  • Guajira desert
  • Serrania de la Macarena
  • Rosario Islands
  • Isla de Salamanca
  • the Peñol
  • Amazon jungle

Colonial Colombia Wonders

  • Canal del Dique, built in 1582, rebuilt several times (1650)
  • Villa de Leyva, National Monument
  • Tunja, its historic center was declared a National Monument in 1959
  • Santa Cruz de Mompox, Heritage of Humanity
  • Popayan, Heritage

Wonders of the Modern Colombia

Muelle de Puerto Colombia, located in the town that bears his name, which at the time (1881) was the longest in the world.

Manizales, is the largest in the country and representative of the Antiochian colonization Republican historic center.

Wonders of the Contemporary Colombia

Salt Cathedral in Zipaquirá Monument to the Lancers in the Pantano de Vargas, is the largest sculpture of Colombia.

Parque Explora A huge project created by the Mayor of Medellin to build public understanding of science, technology and many other aspects of knowledge and creativity. Within the present massive transformation of Medellín, this ambitious project, which was opened in 2007, offers visitors a unique experience of intimate contact with the most advanced science and technology, the cosmos universe and outer space, nature and our planet, the human body, biology, ecology, research, creativity and inventiveness and the playful learning, among other factors. It has, among other attractions, the largest aquarium in South America.

Cerro de Cristo Rey is located in the city of Cali on a hill at an altitude of 1440 meters, built in 1953. The Christ is 31 meters from 5 meters belong to the pedestal.

Santuario de Las Lajas Ipiales, Nariño, one of the great shrines of South America.
Maloka interactive center in the city of Bogota with a very original and beautiful design.

Colombia Wonders of Antigua

  • Buritaca Lost City in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta
  • Archaeological Park of San Agustin
  • Archaeological Park of Tierradentro
  • Tunjo stones Archaeological Park
  • El Infiernito
  • Archaeological Museum of Sogamoso
  • Well Hunzahúa
  • Paleontological Museum of Villa de Leyva

National Parks of Colombia

In the territory of Colombia 56 Protected Areas are part of the National Park System of the Department of National Parks of Colombia's Minambiente. This shows the richness and diversity of its biology and geography. The areas are located throughout the length and breadth of the country. In this way they are: 24 in the Andean Region (2 in the Nudo de los Pastos, 4 in the Western Cordillera, 6 in Central and 12 in the East); 9 in the Caribbean Region; 2 in the Orinoco; 9 in the Amazon; 6 in the Pacific Coast and; finally, 3 Islands. The areas are classified in: Natural Parks (38), Wildlife Sanctuaries (10), National Reserves (2) Via Parque (1) and Los Estoraques Unique Natural Area.

Map of Colombia


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