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Singapore, officially the Republic of Singapore, is an island sovereign country of Asia, consisting of sixty-three islands, whose form of government is the parliamentary republic. Its territory is divided into five community development councils.

Its capital is the city of Singapore, so Singapore is considered a city-state. It is located to the south of the State of Johor on the peninsula of Malaysia and north of the Riau Islands of Indonesia, separated from these by the Strait of Singapore. With 697 km², it is the smallest country in Southeast Asia. Its territory has grown steadily with land reclaimed from the sea.

The culture of Singapore is a mixture of elements of Chinese, British, Malay and Indian cultures; in a conjunction of elements of a history that is distinguished by immigration. It has four official languages: English, Malay, Mandarin and Tamil. English is the common language and is the language of business, government and the medium of instruction in schools.

Singapore is situated between Malaysia, with which it borders to the north, and Indonesia to the south. It consists of 64 islands including the main island known as the island of Singapore or Pulau Ujong. This island is linked to the Malay Peninsula by two bridges. The first leads to the border town of Johor Bahru in Malaysia. The second, further west, also connects with Johor Bahru in the neighborhoods of the Tuas region.

Singapore has an equatorial climate without distinguishable seasons, with uniform temperatures and pressure, high humidity and abundant rainfall. Temperatures usually vary between 23 and 32 ° C. The average relative humidity is around 79% in the morning and 73% in the afternoon. The months of April and May are the hottest months, with the wettest season from November to January. From July to October, fog often occurs, caused by forest fires in neighboring Indonesia. Although Singapore meets the summer schedule, it is governed by the GMT +8 time zone (one hour before its geographical location).

Singapore is one of the main global cities and one of the nerve centers of world trade, with the third largest financial center and the second port that moves the most goods. Its globalized and diversified economy depends especially on trade and the manufacturing sector. In terms of purchasing power parity, Singapore is the third country with the highest per capita income in the world, in addition to being among the first countries in the international lists of education, health, political transparency and economic competitiveness.

Singapore Vacation and Travel Guide

Tourism in Singapore

Singapore is a popular tourist destination, which is why tourism is one of the largest economic sectors in the country.

The Commercial district of Orchard Road is one of the most famous attractions that Singapore offers. To attract more visitors, the Government decided in 2005 to legalize the game and allow the construction of two casinos or integrated tourist centers in the area of ​​Marina South and Sentosa Island. To compete with regional rivals such as Bangkok, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Shanghai, the government gave permission to use lights on the facades of public and private buildings to make the central area a more exciting place. Likewise, food has been promoted as an element of Singapore's attraction, which is why the Singapore Food Festival is organized every July.

The country's reputation as a medical tourism center has increased in recent years. 200,000 foreigners visit Singapore every year to get medical attention.

The Ranking and World Competitiveness Index 2010, prepared by the Swiss Business School: Institute For Managment Development (IMD), in its 2010 edition places this nation as the most competitive above Hong Kong and the United States.

Main Tourist Attractions in Singapore

Main Tourist Attractions in Singapore

Among the main tourist attractions in Singapore we can highlight:

Gardens of the Bay: Network of modern greenhouses and coastal parks that have giant trees covered with solar cells. It has 101 ha (250 acres) raised on land reclaimed from the sea in the Central Singapore region, 1 adjacent to the maritime reserve. It is formed by three landscaped margins: Central, East and South, the latter being the most extensive with 54 ha (130 acres).

Sentosa Park: Water park, beach and delphinidae. Sentosa Island, which translates from Malay as peace and tranquility, is a 500-hectare (5 km²) tourist island belonging to Singapore, which is visited by some five million people a year. Its attractions include a two-kilometer-long beach, Fort Siloso, two golf courses, two five-star hotels and the World Sentosa leisure center, which includes the Universal Studios Singapore Theme Park. Theme park about cinema with scenarios (of Hollywood, science fiction, etc.), attractions and shows. It occupies an area of ​​49 acres, is located at 8 Sentosa Gateway, Telephone: +65 6577 8888.

Resorts World Sentosa: All-inclusive luxury resort consisting of 6 hotels, outdoor pools, theme parks, aquarium and casino.

Singapore Flyer: is the highest lookout wheel in the world. It measures 165 meters high. It has 28 'capsules' the size of an urban bus with a capacity for 28 people that allows passengers to walk around without feeling any vibration during the 30 minutes of rotation. The price of tickets for adults range from 29 Singapore dollars (20 dollars or 13,7 euros) from a simple trip to 69 (48 dollars or 33 euros) that includes cocktails and 'fast boarding'. In addition, it is also possible to rent a whole cabin for about 1,000 Singaporean dollars (704 dollars or 485.5 euros) and 1,500 dollars (1,057 dollars or 729 euros) on weekends and at night.

The ferris wheel allows visitors to enjoy the views of the bay of Singapore and the most characteristic points of the city, and on clear days the neighboring countries, Malaysia and Indonesia. Responsible for Great Wheel Corp have indicated that they expect to have 10 million passengers a year, while the city-state, which has less than 5 million inhabitants, received in 2007 10.3 million tourists, according to data from the Ministry of Tourism .

The Singapore Zoo: is a 28-acre (28-acre) zoological garden on the upper reaches of Seletar Reservoir within Singapore's heavily forested central watershed. It is operated by the "Singapore Wildlife Reserve" institution, which also manages the Night Safari and Jurong Bird Park. There are about 315 species of animals in the zoo, of which 16% are considered threatened species. The zoo attracts around 1.6 million visitors each year.

The Singapore Botanic Garden: located along Cluny Road and bounded between the Napier Road and Bukit Timah Road, is a 63.7-hectare botanical garden that includes the National Orchid Garden which is a collection of more than 3,000 species of Orchids It also has a path through a small rain forest, and a spice garden. It is a member of the BGCI, and its international identification code as a botanical institution, as well as the acronym of its herbarium is SING. It owns two lakes one is the Symphony Lake, and the other the Swan Lake. On the Symphony Lake you can listen to free concerts offered by the Singapore Symphony Orchestra every Sunday.

In the gardens is the headquarters of the National Parks Board, there is also a French restaurant located in a colonial house. There is also a cafe in the visitor admission center and a restaurant in the Ginger Garden.

The Jurong Bird Park is a park and tourist attraction in Singapore managed by the Singapore Wildlife Reserves organization. It is a space built on the western slope of Jurong hill. It is located within the Jurong district and covers an area of ​​202,000 square meters (50 acres).

The idea of ​​a permanent bird exhibition was conceived for the first time by Dr. Goh Keng Swee, then Minister of Finance, in 1968. During a meeting of the World Bank in Rio de Janeiro, Dr. Goh visited the zoo and stayed impressed with his free flight aviary. He tried to make Jurong more than an industrial area of ​​Singapore with a place where he could escape from urban life, where people could relax with nature. On January 3, 1971, the Jurong Bird Park was opened at a cost of 3.5 million dollars from Singapore.

Esplanada - Theaters in the Bay: is a building located on the shore with six hectares of land facing the sea next to Marina Bay, near the mouth of the Singapore River, specially designed to be the center of scenic arts of the main island of Singapore .2 It takes its name from the nearby Esplanade (Esplanada), contains a concert hall with capacity for around 1,600 people and a theater with a capacity of around 2,000 for the performing arts.

The Tiger Sky Tower: is the highest observation tower in the Asian country of Singapore. It is located in the Imbiah Lookout area in the center of the island of Sentosa. The tower has a height of 110 meters (360 feet) above ground level, or about 36 stories high - and a height of 131 meters (430 feet) above sea level. The tower was completed in 2004, and is owned by C. Melchers GmbH & Co.

The National Museum of Singapore: is one of the four national museums of the country and the oldest museum in that country. Its history dates back to 1849, when it was started as a section of the library in the "Singapore Institution". After several transfers, the Museum was established at its permanent headquarters on the Stamford Road in the Museum Planning Area in 1887. The building was named "National Museum of Singapore" in 1965.

Pulau Ubin: is an island northeast of mainland Singapore. Bicycle routes and trails cross the hills through disused granite quarries and traditional kampongs (villages). The kingfishers and bulboles inhabit the mangroves and tidal flats of Chek Jawa wetlands. From the Jejawi observation tower and the circuit walk, views of this area are contemplated. The Fo Shan Ting Da Bo Gong temple houses statues of local deities.

The VivoCity: is the largest shopping center in Singapore. Located in the HarbourFront enclosure, which was designed by the Japanese architect Toyo Ito. Its name is derived from the word VivaCity. According to Mapletree President Edmund Cheng, VivoCity "evokes a lifestyle experience that is modern, stimulating and accessible to everyone, a place brimming with energy and vitality that flows." VivoCity was built in the exhibition halls of the former World Trade Center, now the Harbourfront Center, with 1.5 million square feet (140,000 m2) of floor space and 1,040,000 square feet (97,000 m2) of commercial space.

The Fountain of Wealth: is located in one of the largest shopping centers in Singapore, Suntec City. It appeared in the Guinness Book of Records in 1998 as the world's largest source. During certain periods of the day, the fountain is turned off and visitors are invited to walk through a mini fountain in the center of the fountain base to collect coins for "good luck". At night, the fountain is the scene of laser performances, as well as live music and laser message dedications, from 8:00 pm to 9:00 pm daily.

Singapore's cuisine is an excellent example of the ethnic mix and diversity of cultures in Singapore. This kitchen has many influences of Malay cuisine, China, India (especially Tamil cuisine) and to be part of the cuisines of Southeast Asia, has influences also from the West due to the occupation of the islands by the English in the century XIX As an example of variety and fusion of styles, for example, in hawker stores (a kind of food court) in Singapore, it can be seen how Chinese chefs prepare Indian dishes, while Indian chefs prepare various Malaysian dishes. The kitchen is one of the cultural attractions of Singapore.

Singapore is a large hub of international transport in Asia, marked as a point of passage for many maritime and air routes. The Port of Singapore, managed by port operators PSA International and Jurong Port, is the second largest in the world, behind Shanghai, in terms of tonnes of. In addition, it is the port with the largest number of boat operations and the largest refueling center in the world.

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If you are planning to travel to Singapore, whether for business or tourism, in addition to the passport and visa, we recommend you to check the following information: International Airports, Airport security rules, Type of luggage allowed and weight limits, Most visited cities, Driving in Singapore, Electricity, Time Stripes, Business Hours, National Holidays, Weights and Measures, Commercial Practices and Etiquette Rules.


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Singapore Airport


Singapore Airports

The Singapore Airport (IATA Code: SIN, ICAO code: WSSS), also called Changi Airport is one of the main airports within the Asian continent, and at the same time considered one of the best in the world. It is located about 13 miles northeast of the city of Singapore.

Singapore is an air hub for Southeast Asia and serves as a technical stop on the Kangaroo route between Sydney and London. There are eight airports in the country, and Singapore Changi Airport boasts a network of eighty airlines connecting Singapore to two hundred cities in 68 countries. It has been designated as one of the best international airports by international travel magazines, including the award for best airport in the world for the first time in 2006 by Skytrax. The national airline is Singapore Airlines.


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