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Asia Top Destinations - Best Places to visit in Asia - Asia Travel and Tourist Guide -

Asia Top Destinations - Best Attractions and Tourist Places to Visit in Asia

Asia Travel and Tourist Guide

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Asia is the most extensive and most populated continent on Earth. With about 44 million km², it accounts for 8.70% of the total land area and 29.45% of the land and, with more than 4 000 000 000 inhabitants, 61% of the world population. It extends over the eastern half of the Northern Hemisphere, from the Arctic Glacial Ocean, to the north, to the Indian Ocean, to the south. It limits, to the west, with the Ural mountains, and to the east, with the Pacific Ocean.

In the conventional division of continents, of European origin, Asia and Europe appear as two different entities for cultural and historical reasons. In geographical terms, they actually form a single continent, called Eurasia. In addition, Africa is linked to Eurasia by the Isthmus of Suez so it can also be considered the entire joint extension of Europe, Asia and Africa as a single supercontinent, occasionally called Eurafrasia, or Afro-Eurasia.

The Asian continent is subdivided into the following regions: South Asia, East Asia, Central Asia, North Asia, Southeast Asia and Western Asia

Historical and human circumstances have marked the true division between West Asia from India to the west and East Asia known as the Far East, from India to the east. Geographically, much of Russia belongs to North Asia, the rest is in Europe. Most of Turkey is in Asia, the rest in Europe. A small part of Egypt, the Sinai Peninsula, belongs to Western Asia, most of it is in Africa.

Asia Vacation and Travel Guide

Within the most populated cities in Asia are: Tokyo, Seoul, Mumbai, New Delhi, Shanghai, Manila, Osaka, Calcutta, Karachi, Jakarta, Beijing, Guangzhou, Dhaka, Hong Kong, Tehran, Bangalore, Shenzhen, Bangkok, Nanking , Tianjin and Ho Chi Minh City.

The Asian population has different characteristics, it is not homogeneous with each other; Some common features in certain areas of Asia are: yellow skin and slanted eyes (in the Far East from Siberia, China, Vietnam, the Korean peninsula, the islands of Taiwan, Japan, the Malay and Philippine archipelago).

Within that ethnic group stand out the Malaysian natives, of dark or dark skin that are divided into different branches, since from them descend the Tagalogs, Visayos, Iloacanes, Polynesians, Melanesians, Micronesians, etc. The ethnias of white phenotype comprise the Middle and Near East. Among them are Arabs, Armenians, Jews, Persians, Assyrians, Turks, Russians, etc. There are also some ethnic Negroid and immigrants from different European countries.

Economy of Asia

The Asian Economy influences 60% of the population of the planet and about 30% of the emerged lands. It is the largest global producer of food, but also the largest consumer and has the largest reserves of most minerals. Asia is the continent that concentrates the highest economic growth, consumes most of the global credit, has 80% of the world economic growth, also the highest growth of investment in science and technology, investment in education, and in the economic sector. Cooperation between government, industries and the domain of technology have brought Asia to economic success.

For its part, since 2004, the EU is the main trading partner of China, which in turn is the second commercial partner of the European organization. In 2005, China became the sixth world economy.

Religions in Asia

Asia is a continent of great spiritual wealth and of diametrical religious importance since the most practiced religions in the world emerged in Asia, being the cradle of the five great world religions; Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism. Due to this, Asian countries such as Israel (sacred place for Jews, Christians and Muslims), Saudi Arabia (where two of the three holy cities of the Muslims are) and India (where the holy places of Hindus and Buddhists are), They receive millions of pilgrims from all over the world.

Other important religions emerged in Asia are Baha'i (Iran), Confucianism (China), Jainism (India), Sikhism (India), Taoism (China) and Zoroastrianism (Iran).

Among different Asian peoples, animism and shamanism are also practiced, from followers of the Bön cult in Tibet, and traditional Chinese religion, to the animistic beliefs of different indigenous tribes throughout the Asian continent.

Main Asian Airlines

The vast majority of the top 10 of the best airlines in the world are Asian and Middle Eastern. Aspects such as attention on board, service, entertainment, waiting rooms, comfort or meals are the main factors. Within the main airlines of Asia we can highlight:

Cathay Pacific: This company has been awarded the prize for the best airline in the world on numerous occasions. The last time was in 2014 when Skytrax awarded the airline with which it is considered the most important award in aviation. This decision was made after making questionnaires to more than 18 million passengers from all over the world who gave him an outstanding treatment on land and air. Its benefits are more notorious and tends to be known as the business favorite. It is based in Hong Kong.

Emirates: This other airline has also been awarded in numerous moments with several awards among which we can highlight the traveler Choice, Skytrax and among many others. This company has occupied the first place in comfort and gastronomy which are two of the weak points that this kind of airlines usually have. In any case you can discover countless advantages of flying with Emirates for Asia, especially thanks to the fact that there are fares for all kinds of travelers.

Qatar Airways: The airline Qatar Airways has one of the best international reputations. Together with Singapore Airlines, this airline created in 1993 was one of the pioneers in countless tasks. Among them we can highlight all those that are linked to the fact of being able to have access to services of all kinds that are designed so that any traveler has the possibility of enjoying a trip with a customer service and a comfort that you would never imagine.

Singapore Airlines: Considered as the best airline in Asia, also has the privilege of having the best seat in business class. The magnificent flight service is the cornerstone of its reputation for service, care, customer service and hospitality..

Air China: One of the great advantages of Asian airlines is that they are considered very valuable because travelers can count on low cost prices in European modality without the benefits being low cost. This is the case of Air China that has air travel, especially to the Asian giant at prices ranging from 400 euros per round trip. It is even possible to find cheaper rates.

ANA All Nippon Airways: Also known as Zennikku, ANA All Nippon Airways, whose two main hubs are located at the Narita International Airport and at the Osaka International Airport, has the best airport services in the world as well as the best service of the personnel of the Asian airlines.

Ethiad Airways: It is one of the most luxurious airlines in the world and is headquartered in Abu Dhabi. Traveling to Asia is all comfort thanks to this airline that has services such as WiFi, a careful cuisine and great comfort in any of its classes in exchange for very competitive rates available to all pockets.


Asia Top Tourist Destinations


Dubai  Hong Kong  Indonesia


Israel  Malaysia  Maldives


New Delhi India  Seoul South Korea  Singapore


Thailand  Tokyo Japan


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