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Nice Top Destinations - Best Places and Tourist Attractions to Visit in Nice France - guiaviajesvirtual.com

Nice France

Nice Top Destinations - Best Places and Tourist Attractions to Visit in Nice France

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Nice is the capital of the Alpes-Maritimes département. It is located in the French Riviera, on the south east coast of France on the Mediterranean Sea, at the foot of the Alps, Nice is the second-largest French city on the Mediterranean coast and the second-largest city in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region after Marseille.

Nice is about 13 kilometres (8 miles) from the principality of Monaco, and its airport is a gateway to the principality as well.

Nice is one of the oldest human settlements in the world. Terra-Amata, an archaeological site dating from the Lower Palaeolithic age, is situated near Nice. This area displays evidence of a very early use of fire.

The city is nicknamed Nice la Belle (Nissa La Bella in Niçard), which means Nice the Beautiful. The natural beauty of the Nice area and its mild Mediterranean climate has become Nice as the second most popular French city after Paris, a fact which, combined with the difficulties of land travel at long distance (partly because of the Alps), allows it to have the third busiest airport in. It is easily accessible, being less than 6 hours from Paris by train, and the airport is located just minutes away from the city.

Nice has one conference centre: the Palais des Congrès Acropolis. The city also has several business parks, including l'Arenas, Nice the Plain, Nice Méridia, Saint Isidore, and the Northern Forum. In addition, the city features several shopping centres such as Nicetoile, Nice TNL, Nice Lingostière, Northern Forum, St-Isidore, the Trinity (around the Auchan hypermarket) and Cap3000 in Saint-Laurent-du-Var.

Sophia Antipolis is a technology park northwest of Antibes. Much of the park is within the commune of Valbonne. It primarily houses companies in the fields of computing, electronics, pharmacology and biotechnology. Several institutions of higher learning are also located here, along with the European headquarters of W3C.


Tourism in Nice France

Tourism in Nice


Among the main Sights and Tourist Sites in Nice we can hightlight: The Promenade des Anglais ("Promenade of the English") is a promenade along the Baie des Anges ("Bay of the Angels"), which is a bay of the Mediterranean, in Nice. The Hotel Negresco on the Promenade des Anglais was named after Henri Negresco (1868–1920) who had the palatial hotel constructed in 1912. In keeping with the conventions of the time, when the Negresco first opened in 1913 its front opened on the side opposite the Mediterranean. The Place Masséna is the main square of the city. The Place Garibaldi also stands out for its architecture and history. It is named after Giuseppe Garibaldi, hero of the Italian unification.

Another place worth mentioning is the small street parallel to the Promenade des Anglais, leading from Nice's downtown, beginning at Place Masséna and running parallel to the promenade in the direction of the airport for a short distance of about 4 blocks. This section of the city is referred to as the "Zone Pietonne", or "Pedestrian Zone". Cars are not allowed (with exception to delivery trucks), making this avenue a popular walkway. Here, tourists can find a fine selection of restaurants, specializing in various types of cuisine, including Niçoise, French, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Spanish and Italian. There is also a large selection of cafés where one can sit and enjoy an apéritif, as well as several bakeries with coffee, cake, and a terrace. There are also plenty of small shops selling clothing, shoes, and souvenirs.

Old Nice is also home to the Opéra de Nice. It was constructed at the end of the 19th century under the design of François Aune, to replace King Charles Félix's Maccarani Theater. Today, it is open to the public and provides a regular program of performances. Place Rossetti entirely enclosed and pedestrianised, is located in the heart of the old town. The Place du Palais is where the Palais de la Justice (Law courts) of Nice is located and it is notable due to the presence of the city clock.

Other important sights in Nice  include: Château, Monument aux morts, The port, Cours Saleya, Jardin botanique de la Ville de Nice (botanical garden), Musee Massena, Marché aux fleurs, Old Nice, Grand Hôtel Impérial, Fort of Mont Alban. The church of St. Martin, Sainte-Réparate Cathedral, 17th century. Russian Orthodox Cathedral, Notre-Dame de Nice and Sainte Jeanne d'Arc Church, 20th century.

The Observatoire de Nice (Nice Observatory) is located on the summit of Mont Gros. It was established in 1879 by the banker Raphaël Bischoffsheim. The architect was Charles Garnier, and Gustave Eiffel designed the main dome. The 76-cm (30-inch) refractor telescope that became operational in 1888 was at that time the world's largest telescope. It was outperformed one year later by the 36-inch (91-cm) refractor at the Lick Observatory at University of California, Santa Cruz.
As a scientific institution, the Nice Observatory was merged with CERGA in 1988 to form the Observatoire de la Côte d'Azur. Many scientific activities still take place on the Nice Observatory site on Mount Gross above the city including gravity-wave and high-energy astrophysics, astrometric and interferometric astronomy and planetary science.

The Cuisine of Nice is especially close to those of Provence but also Liguria and Piedmont and uses local ingredients (olive oil, anchovies, fruit and vegetables) but also those from more remote regions, in particular from Northern Europe, because ships which came to pick up olive oil arrived full of food products, such as dried haddock. Examples of Niçois specialties include: Beignets de fleurs de courgettes, Ratatouille, Pichade, Pissaladière, Pan-bagnat, Socca, Soupe au pistou, Tourte de blettes, Daube, Farcis and Salade niçoise.



Discover Nice France


Discover Nice


If you are planning to travel to Nice, whether for business or tourism, in addition to the passport and visa, we recommend you to check the following information: International Airports, Airport security rules, Type of luggage allowed and weight limits, Most visited cities, Driving in Nice, Electricity, Time Stripes, Business Hours, National Holidays, Weights and Measures, Commercial Practices and Etiquette Rules.


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Nice Côte d'Azur Airport (Aéroport Nice Côte d'Azur) (IATA: NCE, ICAO: LFMN) is an international airport located 3.2 NM (5.9 km; 3.7 mi) southwest of Nice, in the Alpes-Maritimes départment of France. It is the third busiest airport in France and serves as a focus city for Air France and an operating base for easyJet. It is located 7 km (4 mi) west of the city centre, and is the principal port of arrival for passengers to the Côte d'Azur.

Due to its proximity to the Principality of Monaco, it also serves as the city-state's airport, with helicopter service linking the principality and airport. Some airlines market Monaco as a destination via Nice Airport.


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